Self Acceptance

We all struggle with self acceptance some more than others. In todays society it is easy to get caught up in your talents, hight and weight. People do not know who they are anymore if their talent, hight, or  weight did not classify them. I see this in a lot of athletes. They stop plying their sport and they are no longer a “athlete.” They thought being an “athlete” described them.  You are not your hight, weight or talent. You are you; nothing else is better than you. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of your time. You will never be anyone else than you or have anyone else’s life but yours. Being you is good enough. You need to love yourself unconditionally because you are the only person there for yourself at the end of the day. You need to love and accept yourself without question. If you are not at that point where you can do so it is alright because I was once there and we all go through this issue. Accepting yourself is a big step, but it is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. We all want other people to accept us on some level in life but looking for other peoples approval is a waste of your time. You can not change what other people think about you only they can and the same goes for you only you can change what you think of yourself. What other people think of you is not your problem it is theirs. Do not lose your real self in trying for others to accept you. Once you have accepted yourself and your flaws no one can ever use them against you. What you think of yourself is far more important than what anyone else may even think about you. To be truly happy with your life lays in the acceptance of yourself. If you love and accept yourself you have no competition. Either way at the end of the day it is what it is, it is up to you to make it happen and change your life.


5 Things You Should Know Before You Travel On A Plane 

1.Backpacks. This will make your hands virtually free. Use this as a personal and they will count it as a personal if you are carrying it on your back.2. Have your passport accessible if you will need it to fly wherever you may be going. I bought a passport holder that went around my neck and I just tucked it under my shirt and then when they needed it I just showed it to them and I also put my ticket in there as well.

3. If you get car sick you probably will get plane sick during take off and landing. You should take motion sickness medicine or use the motion sickness bands that go around your wrist. I personally wear those because I do not like being drowsy from motion sickness medicine.

4. Arrive early. Plan on something going wrong. You do not want to miss your flight so you need to plan for some error. 

5. Have something to do on the plane that is quiet. Passengers do not like to sit next to people that are blaring their music or talking. Some people want to get sleep. If you want to play music use head phones. 


This past year (more this past summer) I have really tried to focus on my happiness. This may sound really bad but I have had to really work to be how happy I am now. I try and be happy all the time but the reality of it is you can not be happy all the time and that is okay. You also have to know it is okay not to always be happy. I always used to think whenever I am happy for a certain amount of time something will aways come and ruin it and that is no way to live. I still sometimes think like that. Sometimes you just have to do what is best for you no matter how selfish that is you are the only person you have fully and completely at the end of the day and if you are not happy with yourself it is going to suck and you are going to have to accept and be happy with yourself. An amazing thing happens when you get honest with yourself and start doing what you love, what makes you happy. Your life literally slows  down. You stop wishing for the weekend. You stop merely looking forward to special events. You begin to live in each moment and you start feeling a whole lot better. You “just ride the wave” that is life,  with this feeling of contentment and joy you move fluidly, steadily, and grateful. You have to keep a positive mindset because life is only as good as your mind set. If you are not positive nothing good will ever come out of anything because you are just focused on the bad. You just have to continue to persist through the bad and look at the good. Trust me, being happy will truly change your life. You have to strive it is always a work in progress. You have to strive everyday to make the rest of your life the best of your life. Just separate yourself from all the negativity in your life and you will be amazed at what it will do to your life and how much happier you will become.

10 Motivational Quotes That Help Me With Everyday Life

  1. You can’t beat me because I never give up.
  2. Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.
  3. There is no traffic after the extra mile.
  4. Riches begin with a state of mind.
  5. Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.
  6. Never do tomorrow what you can today. Procrastination is the thief of time.
  7. You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.
  8. the expert in anything was once a beginner.
  9. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
  10. You don’t want to look back and know you could have done better. 

Motivating Yourself And Staying Motivated

I know doing something sometimes may seem like a daunting task. If you are reading this you probably put the Pro in procrastination; I know I do! I just keep in my head that I have to be successful because l like expensive things. I have some tips for you today on staying motivated. Wake up early, or at least do not sleep in every single day. You deserve some days to sleep in but not everyday. The morning time is proven to be one of the most refreshing parts of the day and also the best part of the day to get organized and have an agenda put together of what you want your day to consist of. Another idea is to use color in your agenda/planner. I do this and it helps me organized. Color catches your eye and you will be more likely to do it if it is in color. Last but not least you need to schedule in your fun time. I have found if I have something fun planned to do after I get everything done that I have to do that day that it will help me get those tasks done so then I can have fun. Not only will you have fun but you won’t have the worry and the stress of those tasks not being done.

I have found having goals as silly as it seems will help improve your life and motivate you. You need to create or want to do something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning (this will also help with not sleeping in everyday). You have to be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your method. Your “plan A” might not always work and you have to know this in order to be motivated and successful. There is more than one way to reach a goal. If you are dedicated to a goal, focused on a dream, or in the making of something so big you can barely even imagine how great it will be, your are going to be questioned. You will be separated from everyday society, because you are truly different. People will call you obsessed, crazy, or even challenged the reality of your dreams or goals could actually be possible. But it is not up to them to decide it is up to you to decide. And you have to believe it is possible for you to even start. They are not the one with your vision, YOU ARE! Stay focused. Stay true to what makes you happy. Nothing is worth it, if you are not happy. Details of the plan will change from what you originally thought. You have to persevere you will never get anything accomplished if you do not go through the hard stuff and fail a few times. Changing directions is not giving up; it is realizing you have another possible way to get to your goal than what you originally thought. Passion is truly a blessing. One of my favorite quotes is “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”- Jordan Belfort

You are the result of four billion years of evolutionary success you need to act like it. If you want a nice body, go get it. If you want to become a lawyer, study your butt off. If you want nice hair, pick a style and go get it done. Stop being afraid to motivate yourself. Find yourself, find your happiness,  because it is out there waiting for you. You need to find your comfort zone, then leave it. That is the only way you will get things done that other people have yet to do.

You have to be consistent. Constancy is key. Any one can work their hardest for one day, but the ones that will work their hardest day in and day out will be more successful than anyone else. You do not want to look back on your life when you are dying and realize you could have done better. Somewhere between the endless amounts of hours put into whatever you are trying to accomplish and the determination you have to accomplish that, you will wake up with your dreams accomplished. That will be the proudest moment of your entire life. It has taken a few months to get where you are now, and it will probably take you more than a few more months to get where you want to be, you just have to be patient. The fact that you are not where you want to be, should be enough motivation. Keep this in mind, Lionel Messi is making over 22 million dollars every year and it took him 17 years and 114 days to become an over night success. I could give countless examples of this, Micheal Jordan, he got cut from his high school basketball team. You can not just dream about success you have to get up and work for it. Nothing will ever happen if you do not work for it. Keep going through the hard stuff you are going through because of you do I promise something great will happen out of your endureance and determination. No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it. Have an unrelenting amount of belief that things will work out, that the long road has a purpose, that the things you desire may not happen today, but they will happen. “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. Do what you have to do for you.”- Johnny Depp Just make progress. It is OKAY to have setbacks…it is OKAY to start over again- and again. Just make sure you are moving forward. Take baby steps, but at least take steps that stop you from being stuck.

Losing People

It is life. You are going to lose people; relationships and friendships. You are also going to grow apart from people and you just have to accept it. There is no way around this problem. It happens when your 15 and it happens when you are 80. You are going to miss them when something good happens and you want to tell them, when something is troubling you, when you laugh and cry. Understand when someone is not positively affecting your life let them go! I can not say that enough. Do not let them hinder your growth. You do not need to forget everything you just have to move on and accept they where in your past but can not be in your present or future. Sometimes we might never get over a person but I promise new things will come in your life and make it fade into the background. Just appreciate the people that are still here and in your life and look forward to the new relationships and friendships you will have in the future. And even if you have accepted that fact we all including me want to hang on to it even though we know we are better off letting go. It is like we are scared to lose something that we do not really have. Most of us say that we would rather have that then nothing at all, but the truth is; to have it half way is harder than not having it at all. I know it sucks to hear that but it is the truth. We all go through this at least once in our lives if not a few times and it is OKAY to be sad and hurt but you can not let that define you. You have to get up and continue life is not going to stop for you and you do not want to miss out on events and nights of being happy. Like my Mom always said “You have to fake it until you make it!” and that is nothing short of the truth.

Live For The Small Things In Life

For about the past year I have been living for the small things in life. The small things in life are normally not materialistic items; it is normally waking up before your alarm goes off or seeing a beautiful sunset or sunrise. Small things like those. Those small things are all that really matter at the end of the day.

“Maybe you just have to live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard till your stomach hurts. Maybe that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.” – Tianna Kavanagh
I saw this quote about a year ago and I have since applied it to my life. What if we all did this? What if we forgot about fights, sadness, arguments, and anger? What if we lived for the small things and forgot about everything else? Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying we should ignore important things in life or live with “no regrets.” All that I am saying is that it really is true; at the end of the day, all that we should really be thinking about is the little things that made us happy, even if it was for a mere second.

Materialistic items are not going to matter in 50 years from now it is the memories that you have. Those memories are going to be what people care about, your bank account and items do not go with you when you die. One of my favorite quotes is “Rich or poor your grave size is still the same; 6 ft under the ground.” The small things in life are what make life worth living.