Change is Sometimes What it Takes

Today I was sitting in a coffee shop, actually one of my favorite coffee shops (Caribou) and I got to thinking about everything that has happened to me in the past year. I always hear people say “It’s crazy how much a year really changes you!” I never really understood that until today. I was thinking about how many different life experiences I have had in this past year and how most people do not ever get half the experiences I have been graciously blessed with in this past year alone. Those experiences have changed me in the most amazing way possible. This past January I told myself that I was going to take every chance possible that came my way in this next year no matter what. I often found myself in previous years missing out on special events because I was too shy or scared.I decided when the opportunity of going to Guatemala struck me I was for sure going to go no matter what it took. Not very many 15 year olds can say they have gone out of the country alone and traveled to a third world country where they did not even know the language the slightest bit. In this past year I have been places and seen different sights first hand. In Guatemala while I was there I saw and did things that I will never forget. I got to see a little girl that was 12 years old receive my clothing that I had never worn because I thought that they where “ugly” and to see that girls smile and her mothers was something I will NEVER forget. It is engraved into my heart as well as my mind. I remember the mother saying in quiche (The native language of Momostanago, Guatemala) “I can not repay you but there is a God out there that will.” the translator told me that in English of what she was saying and at that exact moment that is when I lost it. I cried and cried, that was the most moving experience I have ever experienced and I felt it deep inside. Suddenly I realized how much a year really does change you.


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