An Open Letter to My Ex: How A Once Best Friend Can Become A Stranger

Hello It is a Saturday night right now when I am writing this to you while watching Alabama play football. You know how much I love Alabama football. That was normally all I did on Saturdays except after the season then after you got done working we would hangout in your truck. Remember that one bet we took when Alabama played for the national title and they lost and the bet was if Alabama won you had to take me to a MN Wild game but, if Ohio won we had to hangout one more time before Christmas break ended? I want to begin this by thanking you before I bash you. I want to thank you for LOVING Chipotle as much as I do. Thank you for all the fun times we had because those are the hardest parts of losing someone not the actual breakup it self. It is the part knowing how much fun you had and knowing you will never have that same exact experience with that person again. I could sit it all day thanking you for everything because we had A LOT of fun times that I will never forget, they are so much a part of me today. Though we broke up so you could go to college and experience it with everything that you had in you and as happy as it sounded it was not the happiest for me. I do not know why I could just not be happy for you inside as I told you I was happy it might have just been the fact that I was broken up with in person. I remember you saying “This is not living, you need to enjoy the rest of your high school years and make the best of them while I am at college.” Those words felt like a stab to the heart and made my stomach drop. Those words are the second most painful words I have ever felt and herd. We made it through some really tough times even the ones in our community. We personally had our ups and our downs and we always found a way to get through them. You still mean more to me to this day more than you may ever know. You where one of my closest friends for seven months and I felt like I could trust you with anything. I may not have showed you but you made me so damn happy. People would always ask “Why him?” and I could never explain. Sometimes you can not explain what you see in a person. It is just the way they take you to another place no one else can. Those many nights sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing  means absolutely everything to me even three months later. You where one of the most painful “Good-byes” I have ever had to say in my life. You left me like it was easy even though seven months back you promised you would not when I was scared because I thought you where leaving. But, I also know that sometimes it rains even when it is not supposed to and things changed even when you said that they never would.So all that I can do is wish you the best. Wish you a great, bright, loving future. Wish you to find the lover of your dreams and to create a lifetime of your fantasies. I wish you nothing short of happiness.- Mackenzie


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