5 Things You Should Know Before You Travel On A Plane 

1.Backpacks. This will make your hands virtually free. Use this as a personal and they will count it as a personal if you are carrying it on your back.2. Have your passport accessible if you will need it to fly wherever you may be going. I bought a passport holder that went around my neck and I just tucked it under my shirt and then when they needed it I just showed it to them and I also put my ticket in there as well.

3. If you get car sick you probably will get plane sick during take off and landing. You should take motion sickness medicine or use the motion sickness bands that go around your wrist. I personally wear those because I do not like being drowsy from motion sickness medicine.

4. Arrive early. Plan on something going wrong. You do not want to miss your flight so you need to plan for some error. 

5. Have something to do on the plane that is quiet. Passengers do not like to sit next to people that are blaring their music or talking. Some people want to get sleep. If you want to play music use head phones. 


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