“#MyParentsForgotToMention” is a twitter hashtag that is currently trending on twitter. I saw this today and it made me begin thinking about  all the things my parents have forgotten to tell me.

  1. That people will take advantage of you and use you if you let them.
  2. That high school is NOTHING like High School Musical.
  3. That just because everyone gets a ribbon in school does not mean everyone wins in life.
  4. That blood is not necessarily thicker than water.
  5. That no one really knows what they are doing in life, everyone is just winging it.
  6. That you do not have to have the same opinions as everyone around you.
  7. That there is no future in the past.
  8. That how a date speaks to a waiter/waitress says a lot about their character.
  9. That growing up means I do not need everyones approval to like myself.
  10. That not everyone in your life will be there for you.