15 Things I Did In 2015

1. Had my first serious high school relationship.

2. Saw my best friend go to her first prom.

3. Played in my first varsity softball game (as a freshman!).

4.  Got more passionate about wakeboarding.

5. Went to Wyoming and Montana for the first time.

6. Went to Yellowstone for the first time

7. Went white water rafting for the first time in Montana on the Yellowstone River.

8. Started living with a more positive mind set.

9. Went to Guatemala and served as a missionary there.

10. Went to my first MN Saints game.

11. Stated sophomore year.

12. Gave out more advice then ever.

13.Started taking CrossFit more seriously.

14. Went to my first Christan concert.

15. Started planning my trip around Europe for in the summer of 2018.