Missing Someone

I think the thing about missing someone is that it’s not constant. You can go without thinking about them for days, weeks, months, years. Then all it takes is a familiar smell, or picking up one of their shirts from a clean basket of laundry, or reading just the right sentence in a book you only recently started reading. Missing someone can hit you so suddenly that you are left reeling and disoriented, as if you have been abandoned, except when you look around you are in a place you have been many times before. It can hurt, right in the center of your stomach like you have swallowed your weight in regret. Or it can be as small as a buzz right by your ear that you take only a second before you swat it away. What I know is that missing someone is humbling; it causes you to admit that you are not a solitary force in this world. When I say “I miss you,” I am saying I discovered a moment in my life where your absence was evident. I am admitting that I can not do certain things without thinking about you, and who you are, and the memories we have. And while I am made to believe I should apologize for that….I will not. I miss you. It is that simple. 


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