Do Not Lose Yourself in the Process of Falling in Love

Do not lose yourself in the process of falling in love. Sometimes, the compromises we make in order to feel worthy of love take out a piece of ourselves and it just gets lost in the win, and that part- that part we may never get back. It is forever someone else’s. It is forever gone. Sometimes, we furnish a new identity to match our significant other. But how much are we really willing to lose in order to gain love? Should we actually lose any parts of ourselves that happen to be innate or inherent within us and our personalities, in order to be loved? And it is true- sometimes we are so caught up with the idea of love, the idea of someone, that we fail to see how much we actually have to work in order for it to be real. How much we have to compromise. How much we have to give, and change, and cover up. I know personally because I have done this. You are bound to fail from the beginning if you do this…you will fail miserably and will feel so lost after. Some take the easy route with love. They Just take out all the bad parts…parts they think their partners would not want and replace it with something they believe their partners would love. Others, on the other hand, go through the struggle by learning to love themselves first, by knowing what they love about themselves and letting their partners love it too. Some people gather up the courage to show who they truly are. They put their true selves in line because they believe that their partner does not deserve anything lecithin who they really are. These people know that they must first know themselves, in order to truly recognize real love, rather than convenient love. These people stand alone, in everything that they are, in their quirks and their flaws, and they shine. They attract the love they deserve. If you could do one thing for me and yourself do not lose yourself trying to love someone because you are the one that gets screwed over at the end of the day knowing you cheated yourself out of something that could have been great and your partners.


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