Screw Education

Screw the idea that shoving your head in a book for hours on end trying to memorize material that you are going to forget in a month makes you “smart.” Get out in the world and explore. Take risks, embrace opportunities, do what you wanna do and how you wanna do it. Do not be molded by fear society has put on our generation. Experience makes you smart. Talking to people, especially older people who have lived through things you will never know, makes you smart. There is so much more to learn in this world than just what a textbook and a guy standing in front of a class with a PowerPoint has to say. Having a piece of paper (that millions of other people also have) that says you struggled through four plus years of absolute stress and fatigue so you can sit in an office all day doing something you hate, does that make you smarted than the guy without a college degree chasing his dreams and doing what he loves?


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