When I Was 15…

When I was 15 I thought I was in love with a guy who treated me like absolute shit. When I was 15 I thought it was okay for me to stay with a guy who bragged about having good christian values but my only value to him was a “friends with benefits.” When I was 15 I also got broken up with the guy that treated me like shit and made me feel bad in the end. When I was 15 I was obsessed with the idea of this relationship that it consumed me and I lost myself in whatever you want to call this. After one year of crying and countless tries to “get him back” I realized I was worth so much more then what he made me feel like. I deserved better than what he could ever dream of giving me. Now at 16, more then a year later I have moved on. I no longer wish or want that relationship I want so much greater for myself. I no longer what to settle for a person I have to convince to stay with me. Note: If you ever have to convince someone to stay with you just leave. Just think if you end it right then and there it will save you months of wasted time and by the time you would have been done with the relationship you might be over him and if not all the way you have at least began. When I was 15 I was so unhappy with my life; now at 16 I have had hands down one of the greatest years of my life and I still have 9 more months of being 16.


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