Dear Ex,

When I look back on it all, the moments that seemed the darkest, when my heart was beating so hard I thought it might beat out of my chest, when it hurt just to breathe, and when the flickering flame of pain ran through me every time I herd your name it all makes sense now. I am better off these days, even though I could not see it back then. You walking away happened so I could be here now, and now is exactly where I am meant to be. So, thank you for walking away. Thank you for letting me go so I could find myself. Thank you for impacting my life in a positive way, even if it did not seem like it at first. Thank you for leaving, for giving up. Thank you for inspiring me to be who I always wanted to be; thank you for motivating me to create my own world, instead of living in someone else’s. Thank you. When you hurt me you actually helped me.
-Mackenzie G


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