Take a Rest Every Now and Then…

Do not force yourself to understand each and everything immediately. You can not always solve all your problems in the matter of a few days. You can not always run to a place in just a matter of seconds. You can not sleep and wake up early every day, because sometimes you need to do things that will make you go to bed at midnight. There are times when people will say things to you but they would not explain it any further. Even if you asked them too many questions. Some things were made for waiting and you do not need to rush them. Some things were made to teach you how to be patient and to deal with things slowly. Always remember, just because other people are living way too fast, that does not mean that you need to be faster and be ahead of them. You will figure out everything sooner or later, just keep on going but take a rest every now and then. Especially when you really need to.


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