Twelve Things for the Rough Stuff in Life


  1. Do the stupid stuff in life, but know your limits. You will have stories to tell later.
  2. Love, and love hard- even if you know that they’re just going to end up leaving after it all, it gives you something to live for.
  3. If it makes you feel something, do it.
  4. Eat that damn slice of pizza, the calories will not fucking kill you.
  5. Listen.
  6. Get your heart broken. It’s sad, it’s depressing, and it literally eats away at your insides, but, it’s about living and learning: you were doing just fine before he came along and you will continue to be fine after he is gone.
  7. Learn when to walk away: if it’s over, leave; don’t continue watering a dead flower.
  8. But also learn to push and fight for what you want. There’s no such thing as bad timing or any of that other bullshit: if it matters to you, do something about it.
  9. Choose wisely: by the time you realize that success and dollar bills aren’t going anywhere, she will already be gone by then- do not lose a diamond while chasing glitter.
  10. And besides, this world can get pretty lonely, but she will never leave you in the dark; she will do nothing but support you, trust me.
  11. But learn when to stop entertaining him, you deserve better than that piece of shit; if he can’t see your worth then it’s time to find better
  12. Breathe, you’re going to be okay

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