I Love you…

I like you because you are funny, and sweet, and incredibly thoughtful. You are great at planning things and taking care of things. The list goes on. But I love you, in all the in-between moments of these sweeping additives. I love you in moments when I find myself in awe of all the things you think of, and remember. I love you in the moments when you make my heart melt with the earnest things you say. I love you in moments of all the hugs and kisses and cuddles, and the way they make the entirety of me feel right at home. I love you in the quiet moments that may go unnoticed, in the consistency and habitual effort that you give me on a daily basis. And I love you in the loud moments, when you make me laugh till I literally can not breathe- and as I am hunched over trying to catch my breath, I also catch myself thinking how lucky I am to have met someone whose heart beats in the same rhythm as my own. To sum it up, I think the most comprehensive reason as to why I love you is that you make what I thought were only luxuries in relationships to be everyday normalities. I have had love that felt comfortable; I have had love that felt exciting. But they never felt quite right, and never game me the kind of steady ease and bold contentment that you bring to my life. You know how I know I love you? Even a bad day with you is a better day than a good day without you. I can not imagine that ever changing.


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