Wait for the Person That…

Wait for the person who makes your heart beat faster by simply saying your name. Wait for someone who can point out the smiley- faced freckle hidden on your knee, and tell you it is their favorite feature on your body. You deserve to wake up smiling every morning, because you know you are so very deeply loved just because you are you. You deserve to shake the first time your lips touch theirs, half- delusional from the anticipation. You deserve someone who understands you so completely, it is unnecessary to explain yourself. Because they simply already know the thoughts running through your complicated, but beautiful mind, and they know how to put your fears at ease. You deserve someone who will stand by you at your best and catch you when you succumb to the worst. You deserve someone who will wipe every tear away and turn the suffocating darkness into beautiful rays of sunshine. Please, because you are so beyond worth it, wait for the one who speaks to your soul.


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