There Will be a Boy…

There is going to be a boy who will shatter your heart into a million damaged pieces and leave you feeling broken, empty, and hurt. When you try to sleep, you will stare up at your ceiling and relive every moment you spent together, and you will listen to the songs you used to love that you ruined with memories of him. When you close your eyes and all you see is his blue eyes, and you feel the tears forming in yours, do not stop them. Let it all out. Feel it. It is okay to be hurt. But when the tears stop and the emptiness takes over, remember that this pain, this insecurity that you are feeling is only temporary. Because someone will come into your life out of nowhere and give you a love you deserve and show you that it does not always end in hurt and heartbreak, then you will be wondering why you spent so long hung up on someone who made you feel hard to love. Recognize your past and learn from it, but also realize it is in the past and let it go. Let him go.


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