16 Things to Know by 16

  1. Having a large group of friends won’t last long, all you really need is one or two good ones
  2. You’ll get in trouble for sneaking out but it’ll be totally worth it
  3. Theres going to be one boy you’ll never get over no matter how many times you say you have
  4. Your best friends from elementary and middle school will find friends they like more and you’ll drift apart
  5. The first boy that tells you they love you most likely doesn’t
  6. Nobody is really as confident as they act
  7. Lying to your parents will make you loose their trust because they WILL find out
  8. Boys who can’t get with you will call you things and spread rumors, even though it seems like it’ll never end it will and nobody will even remember
  9. Don’t send nudes they definitely will spread around and the right guy won’t need that from you
  10. Live on the edge, it makes for better stories
  11. Always say yes to going out you’ll make so many great memories
  12. But saying home watching moves and eating junk food is also cool
  13. If you’re still trying to make your ex jealous, you still have feelings for him
  14. You’re parents aren’t always right, do what makes you happy because at the end of the day you’re the one who suffers the consequences
  15. Don’t ever put a boy before your friends
  16. Don’t give toxic [people so many damn chances, cut ties with them and move on

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