If Your Friends are Not Your Friends…

If your friends are not acting like your friends, do not stick by them. If they hold opinions that disrespect your very existence and keep shoving those opinions in your face, leave. If they defend people who are abusing you, whether that be another friend, a family member, a current partner, or an ex, leave. If they constantly pressure you into doing things for them, but will not lift a finger for you, leave. If they constantly make you uncomfortable and do not care about how that affects you, leave. If they demonstrate that they have no faith in your ability to do something that you are sure you can do, leave. If they do not care about the state of your heath, mental or physical, leave. Friendship is not on and off. It is not a deal with terms and conditions in fine print. You are a damn awesome human being and do not ever let anyone treat you like you are not, no matter who they are.


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