You Do Not Live in My Heart Anymore

You do not live in my heart anymore. Time is a funny thing, it brings new things, and it evicts others from the places they have made home. You never asked to live here, you never knew you lived here. Yet I paid the rent with memories and what if’s, buying you a little more time. I learned almost immediately that the feeling’s overwhelming me, would not go away in a day, or a week, or a month. It would take time. The more I fought, the longer it wanted to stay. So I gave in and let you affect me, let you consume me for awhile, even after you were long gone. I know you can never fully rid yourself of people and pasts and ghosts and hopes. They find their way into different spaces, empty spaces, places to hide away when your heart opens it’s door to someone new. My heart does not skip a beat when they say your name anymore. Oh, but my bones still ache. Always restless, always whispering, “Oh, I remember.”


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