Realizing Your Worth

When you suddenly realize your own worth, it will not be so hard to finally close that door. But before anything else, go back to the main reason why you are feeling uncertain. If he makes you feel less, if you are not the priority, if he can not tell you he likes you or loves you genuinely, if he can not put a label on what you have, if he can not make you stay, if he proves to you that he is like the other boys who broke you, if he is making excuses, if he treats you the wrong way, and if he gives you a reason to doubt him then it is time to go and move on.The time for hesitation is over. New things can not enter your life until you make room for them. Instead of chasing someone who is not chasing you; value your worth, do not be the “just in case girl” who allows him to be with her when it is convenient for him. Be the “first place girl” who he will chase, datem and do everything in his power to be with. Love yourself enough. Get acquainted with you. Get back in touch with your goals, start a new hobby, pursue a new interest, start working on your dream career, travel as much as you can and before you know it, you will be smiling again. Good things will start to happen if you allow change in your life; follow your gut, your truth, and your heart. Your heart is always more reliable that a GPS anyways. It leads you to what makes you happy and complete. For now, the only person you have to live with every day for the rest of your life is yourself, so start with making yourself happy and the rest will fall into place.


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