I Blocked You Today…

I blocked you today because I was ready to delete you and your memories from my life. I was ready to clean my news feed, getting rid of your dust. I am over seeing what you like and where you are. I am over waiting for one like or one comment from you. I am done trying to impress you when you are probably not even looking. I am done fighting for your attention when you are giving it to someone else. I blocked you today because I wanted to remember who I was before you came into my life and made me hate myself. I blocked you because I have to love myself. I blocked you to post things for mee instead of trying to send you a message. Or maybe I am trying to send one final message to you: you can not reach me anymore, you now belong to a list of strangers I have never met. You now can not like my pictures or see my posts or even see me.


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