Being in Love Sucks

You know what sucks about this generation these days? It is love. So many people take advantage of others who have the heart and desire to love them all because of what the past has done to them and they are “too scared” to get hurt. I get it we all have broken pieces and we all are afraid of risking hearts of getting broken again but do people realize that life is too short? Life is supposed to be about taking risks. If someone in your past cheated on you and broke your heart, fuck them because the next person that comes along may just treat you way better than the last person did. Yeah it may take time to get over them, but sometimes it takes just one special person to help you get over them ad help you open your eyes and see you deserve so much better than how the last person treated you. It just fucking sucks because here I am someone who is willing to love someone unconditionally, give them my all, be loyal to them and be their backbone when things are tough, but it is  like it is either not wanted or appreciated.The amount of times I have heard “You are a great person but…(insert excuse here)” is just way too many times to even count. I get it, God has a reason for everything, but damn do I see guys that have a great girl but fuck it up because they think it is “cool;” to have more than one girl or a girl is stick on a guy that does not give two shits about her but deep down she still thinks there is a way with words and her actions that she many have the power to change his ways of showing he cares but let’s be real he will not change even if the guy says he will. I get it, it may be hard to let go, because it is hard fro a lot of us to let that one special person go but it is just sad and pretty pathetic how love is handled and labeled these days. I mean to me, love is a spark you should feel when you two are in the same room, being able to go to bed without having to worry if one is out cheating on you, enjoying eachothers company and just being faithful to one another. I take love seriously because it is something special to me. When I love someone I want it to be long term, hell I want it to be the person I marry but sometimes it does not work out in our favor. Sometimes our love and effort go unappreciative and that is what is shitty about this generation these days. Honestly, it is just something that has been on my mind lately, just how some relationships have no effort and there is one putting in more effort than the other. People can sit there and tell you what you want to hear because they either fucking feel bad because they do not feel the same so they do not want to hurt you. Fuck, be real with me, tell me that you do not see something with me instead of playing mind games making me fall for your words. My biggest problem is believing people’s words over actions. My problem is I love with my heart and not my head. I go into things with my heart on my sleeve and with my mind open because my mom just raised me to have a big heart. I will be honest, these past few months for me, have been the shittiest. I have put effort in people and the effort is not put back. I care more for people than they do that to me. They can sit there and say they “care” for me but let me tell you that their actions are poor. I mean I have been more in a big hole lately and the amount of times I have been there for people, no one seems to help me but give me advies such as “It is going to be okay” or “God’s timing is everything” but really sometimes things are not going to be okay for a long ass time especially when you give people your all and you feel like it is not appreciated one bit.


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