Eulogy for Unspoken Goodbyes

It doesn’t always work out for the better– I am no stranger to this. Sometimes there is a rat caught in the fibers that make up this universe and it throws everything out of balance. There are broken hearts without resolution, inequity without justice, doctors who call it without anyone to break the tragedy to. So this one is for you. The man at the bar looking for answers at the bottom of his cup and playing last call on repeat for weeks on end until he feels something other than the grief of her leaving. This one is for you. The little girl who uses God synonymously with Death because that was the last word her momma uttered before taking her last breath. This one is for you. The widowed who was two red lights too slow to make it to the hospital bed before flatlines became the lullabies of the night. This one is for you. All the goodbyes you have stored up in your mind because they never made it out on time. These words are yours. And I know it’s not enough to stem the vessels bleeding out of your chest, but trust me– they know it too, and if they could have their last words it would be that life goes on and in time, so will you.


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