Too Long For Twitter #23 (There’s Magic in being Driven Crazy)

There’s a magic in being driven crazy, being head over heels for another human being. There is an appeal to throwing yourself without fear in the pursuit of what you want. There’s an exquisite pain in waiting to spend all your time with someone even if it’s impulsive and no one understands and no one can. There’s a beauty in passion. There’s a beauty in reckless abandonment. We need more of it, more people full of it- the world does not have enough of it. There’s a beauty in loving recklessly and wholly, and openly. The pursuit of love opens up to endless opportunities, moments,and places that you would never have reached otherwise. Being brave opens up your life, being brave opens up your heart. Please don’t ever forget this- openly loving someone who lights up your eyes isn’t crazy. It is the bravest thing you can do.


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