Too Long For Twitter #25 (Do not Keep In Contact with Your Ex)

Don’t keep in contact with your ex. It may be hard if they’re the person you would usually go to when something good or bad happens, but this is important, at least until you’re over them emotionally because when you keep in contact with them it almost feels as though you’ve never broke up. It gives you false hope if you hold onto “what if’s.” The first thing you should do when you breakup is block them. There was a tweet on my timeline not that long ago that read “If your ex blocks you, you won.” That is false. Blocking them is the beginning of letting go. If you happen to be at the same place as them at the same time, don’t walk over to them to chat. You will feel like crap and regret it later on, trust me. Don’t be petty either or do stuff to get them to notice you. Please do not go out of your way to find someone “to keep your mind off of them” no one deserves to be used. You’ll never fully forget someone, but with time you’ll eventually get over them completely. You’ll start to ask yourself why am I so pissed over someone who doesn’t give a crap about me and once you keep asking yourself that you’ll soon realize they aren’t really that great.


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