Relationships Taken Lightly

I am going to go on a little rant. I feel like relationships these days are taken so lightly when they should not be. Every day we should continue to show our significant other that we truly care for them and are all about them. I know that we have all lacked that at least one day throughout one of our relationships. Yes we are going to have bad days but we have to remember that is what our significant other is for, for us to vent, to listen, and to pick up the pieces. The thing I am trying to get at is that I see so many relationships fail because people stop doing the things they did to get that person. Sometimes feelings change and sometimes you end up with someone who is a cheater because in the beginning they make it out to this “perfect” person when really they never were and yes I know nobody is perfect but if you are going to be about someone be about them 110% throughout your relationship. Never half ass a relationship because one day they can wake up and decide that your effort does not fit their expectations and then they end up leaving. A relationship will have its battles and a relationship is going to have its holes but that’s where you two come together and dig deep and show everyone that you can overcome anything that is given to you. So if you are in a relationship and you have that one special person you are all about and nobody else matters, wake up every morning and tell them how blessed you are to have them and do little gestures for them because really it’s the little things that mean the most to us. Remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow so never be afraid of telling that someone how you feel because they may need it. We are only blessed with one special significant other and only blessed to spend forever wht our best friends and the love of our life. Yes we may cross with someone who we thought we were going to spend forever with and they may fail because 1. the lack of effort, 2. They cheater or 3. The feelings are not there anymore because of how they may have changed. But really never take a relationship lightly. Give it your all even though  it may be scary as hell putting your heart out there and giving it to someone because they have the ability of shattering it but that one special person will hold onto your heart and not break it and give you their all. Life is too short so do yourself a favor and put in the effort to that one person that means the most to you and if they are not going to return the favor then that person is not for you and there is someone out there that will give you the same amount of love and effort you give them.


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