Being a Millennial 

Honestly, this generation is so pathetic these days. Why? Because people will judge you based off of your past. Honestly, I am someone that accepts someone for their past. If I was not a part of their past when they made their mistakes then I cannot judge them. If they are trying to better themselves from their past mistakes then the best thing I can do is be proud of them, accept them as who they are and continue to help them better themselves. It is low that people will use their past as a trust issue for something in the present or future. If you have something great, hold onto that. Do everything you can to hold onto something that could be so rare to find. If you find someone that sees so much more in you that you see in yourself, do not let them go. Fight for them if they try to leave you because they are accepting you for your past and can see past your past because not many people do, then hold onto that so tight. It is like people these days are so easy to give up on you. They will not try to fight for you if you way away. I just think that if you truly want something fight for it and do everything you can to make it right. Do not take advantage of something that is so great. 


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