There is no point in finding someone when people these days just want to cheat and be with two people. I am not about that. It is sickening how people can just cheat and have it not bother them one bit but yet the person that is being cheated on it kills them. It rips them apart. It rips their flaws apart and just make them sink like quick sand thinking to themselves, “Am I really not that good enough for someone to stay true to me?” Someone that can just go behind your back and play you like it is absolutely nothing. People who cheat have no soul. They could not give two shits if they cheat on you until that person leaves them, then you see them trying to come back to apologizing and saying how dumb they were to do what they did to you. What the fuck? Why did they not apologize right away when they cheated? It makes no sense. This generation is disgusting. You have someone that can give you the world but yet you would rather be with someone short term and someone that does not really give a shit about you or only cares about you for a short period of time then someone else catches their attention. It is sad. It is sad that no one really has morals or self respect these days and if they do it is really hard to pick them out. It is hard to find those kind of people because they hide from the world because of what someone in their past did to them. They become afraid of opening up and falling in love again because cheaters do not care about who they hurt. They just care about the person they have while they leave you hanging, questioning why they did what they did. It is like is it really that hard to say, “Hey I lost feelings for you, I do not really think we should be together” instead of going behind someone’s back and just cheating on them until they find out through a friend or on social media. It is not that hard to stay true not to just yourself but to the person you are with. Just stay loyal and faithful. I just do not get how people can wake up and be okay with the fact that they are cheating on their significant other and have no desire to tell their significant other that they are cheating on them or seeing someone else. But actually CHEATING SHOULD NOT EVEN BE A THING! It just baffles me how someone will cheat on someone who can only give them sex when they have someone that can give them the world. But if someone wants to cheat as hard as it is you just have to accept the fact that it is the way they are and that you do not deserve someone like that. You deserve better. It is scary to fall in love because people are so capable of being sneaky. But, when you find that person that is nothing but loyal and faithful that you can feel it in your chest that they are the one that you want to spend forever with, it definitely will be a beautiful thing.


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