Too Long For Twitter #27 (Appreciating Yourself)

Don’t wait around for someone to appreciate you. Don’t wait around for someone to change. Never hope that if you stay for a bit more, hell look at you differently, the way that you always have dreamt it to be. Chances are if he can’t appreciate you as you are today, he never will in the future. So let go. Go somewhere else where your efforts and existence are seen as the light of the day. Have fun being alone or with someone else, it’s up to you. But leave. Pack your bags are never look back. If you don’t, you will never be happy. You won’t be happy knowing that the amount of love and effort that you give him isn’t reciprocated, let alone appreciated. You’ll get tired of expending energy thinking of ways to make him like you. He will be a part of your life that will forever be a mystery, and you need to leave it that way. Don’t try to solve him, don’t try to make yourself fit into his life when he isn’t making room. You don’t deserve his indecisive mind. You don’t deserve his confusing ways. So leave, just leave. And wait for someone who respects the relationship as much as you do. Someone who’s not going to ask you to hang out but go out on a date. Wait for a mature guy who’s going to be flat out clear about his feelings and intention towards you. Wait for the guy who thinks you are his dream girl. Hell come, don’t worry; so for now, just leave.


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