Relationships Lately

I have been holding on to a relationship that’s not quite there. To a commitment that isn’t. To a person who’s not all in. We should know better than to settle for someone who makes us question our value. No one should ever be able to have that kind of power over you. But the sad thing about these kinds of people are they never come as evil. They would come as someone really sweet and caring. They tend to show interest in everything that you do. Funny how one can be so interested and yet not really invested. You see? There’s a difference between someone who tells you they miss you and someone who actually does something about it. There’s a thin line between one who finds time for you and one who makes time for you. There’s an unspoken rule about someone who’s invested making you as a priority rather than someone who just does the things that are convenient for him. These are the things that took me a few heartbreaks to realize. We all need to realize that being put first is not being demanding. It just comes with knowing your worth. So now, I guess the right question should be, “what am I to myself?” then, the answer becomes clear. Im worth more than “I’ll try.” I deserve more than an “I miss you” text. I am more than just potential. Im worth more than just an almost. You need to want me in your life enough to actually do something to make sure I’m there. Until then, I’m perfectly fine being without someone who doesn’t see the keeper that I am.


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